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How Do I Choose a Real Estate Agent?

Here's how the average buyer chooses their real estate agent; they call a sign on a house that they like or they click on a website and say "I want to talk to anybody about this house." Somehow the first person they speak with magically becomes their real estate agent.

If you have ever chosen a Doctor, CPA, or roofer, you probably didn't grab the first person answered the phone. You likely did a little homework and looked for some signs of credibility.

In the real estate world you should look for reviews on and Google. Maybe even take it one step further and interview the agent when you make that first call. When they pick up say something like:

"hey, before we speak I'd like to see your credibility report. Can you send me a link to all of the websites you are reviewed on? Can you tell me how long you have been in the business or who you're associated with and why you're successful?"

If they can't give you a good answer, they're probably not going to be able to negotiate on your best behalf.

- Doug Edrington, CEO at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices J Douglas Properties

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